Opportunity Enterprises

Job Training

Mental and physical handicapped job services

Please call (219) 464-9621 for hours of operation.
Job Training

NEO Adult Education

Paraprofessional Training & License

NEO offers training and testing for the Indiana paraprofessional educator's license. Classes only require a $20 sign up fee and can sometimes be completed in as little as 8 weeks. The parapro test is $75 and the license is good throughout the state of Indiana to work in K-12 classrooms as a teaching assistant.

Job Training

Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority

Purchase a Vehicle for Job Training, Employment or Education

Qualified participants set savings goals and make regular savings deposits. Every dollar they save is matched, at a minimum for $3 for every $1 saved, to help them reach their goals so they can: Purchase a primary residence located in Indiana Expand a small business located in Indiana Obtain Education and Job Training Make essential repairs to owner-occupied housing Purchase a vehicle for employment, education, or job training purposes

Please call (800) 872 - 0371 for hours of operation.
Job Training

Center of Workforce Innovations

Workforce Development

Center of Workforce Innovations is a multi-management nonprofit workforce development organization with its finger on the pulse of employment, education, and economic development. They are a catalyst for community and business investment in workforce, education, and economic development building and enhancing collective capacity to succeed in a new global economy.

Please call (219) 462-2940 for hours of operation.
Job Training